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GRS Leica smásjá A60 sett

662.167 kr.

Long trusted by hand engravers and jewellers, the GRS Acrobat® stand has been redesigned with a sleek form particularly suited to the high-powered Leica® A60 microscope. The new Acrobat Versa features a rigid frame that makes positioning easy, a magnetic document holder, and ergonomic handles for the best optical experience possible.

GRS smásjá Meiji Emz-5

516.445 kr.

Imagine no eye strain. Hour after hour, eyes stay fresh and sharp. Includes stereo zoom microscope body, focus block needed for original stand, and 0.5 objective lens. Other magnifications and working distances available. Magnification Range: 3.5 to 22.5×, resp. 7 to 45× Working distance: 148 mm.

GRS GraverMax G8

486.490 kr.

This engraving system gives each handpiece excellent range of power with perfect control throughout an expanded range of impact speeds.The GraverMax G8 features 400-8000 strokes per minute, a throttle bias adjustment valve for tailoring throttle response, and a dual-stage precision air regulator.

GRS brýnsluvél Graverhone VS apex

425.894 kr.

Meet the next generation sharpening system from GRS Tools. This complete package contains the high-torque, variable speed GraverHone VS and the 4-in-1 Apex Sharpening System. This combination of products is the ultimate in sharpening efficiency. The speed range of the GraverHone together with the user-friendliness of the Apex system make this the perfect setup for everyone from novice to expert.

GRS Graversmith

340.084 kr.

Þetta er óýrasta og einfaldasta útgáfan af gæða grafvélum frá GRS.  Hentar vel bæði í málmgröft og steinaísettningar.  ATh. hnífar og handfang er ekki innifalið í þessu verði.

This new power tool offers basic work capability and pneumatic impact power for stone setting and engraving. It is ideal for production stone setters, multiple factory installations, and individual craftsmen on a budget.

• Ready for both hobby and repetitive production line use
• Designed to be ultra-durable for many work environments
• Compatible with time-saving hand and foot control switching (not included)

GRS grafkúla Standard 9,5kg

209.697 kr.

This vise is an economical choice that fills the need of many engravers and craftsmen. With a double-ball bearing system for smooth rotation without wear or looseness, the Standard Block combines outstanding quality with value for workholding.

GRS handfang QC 901

117.481 kr.

Get breakthrough impact technology with fine control and a huge range of power. The comfortable, compact shape has an adjustable side hose connection. It fits most engraving and stone setting needs, including micro engraving, deep relief work, and bead raising/hammer setting. Made from fully heat-treated stainless steel.

GRS QC Monarch AT

109.579 kr.

This is the finest impact handpiece for confident execution of ultra-fine engraving, including bulino and banknote styles. The Monarch features heat-treated stainless steel construction with an adjustable side hose connection. For Airtact. Including misc. accessories.

Length: 59 mm

Weight: 51 g