Inniljós RS PRO Led S1

52.072 kr.
The smartest light in the world, now even better! High-frequency SensorLight RS PRO LED S1 sensor PC, 3000 K, ideal for office corridors, passageways, WC facilities, stairwells, can be wirelessly interconnected with other RS PRO LED S1, 15 W LED, 1423 lm, polycarbonate shade, 3000 K, 360° detection, reach Ø 1 – 8 m, basic light-level function, presence mode and neighbouring-light, adjustment by Smart Remote.

Inniljós RSPro LED R1 WW WE

36.800 kr.

Circular classic. Perfect shape. Perfect efficiency. The perfect indoor light as slave version without sensor. The RS PRO LED P1 SL integrates harmoniously into corridors, hallways and stairwells. It combines timeless design and extremely easy installation with pioneering technology and can be interconnected with the master version by cable. Output: 9 W with 960 lm, 3000 K.

Inniljós með skynjara

17.800 kr.

RS 16 L

Great value. High-frequency indoor light RS 16 L, ideal for corridors, hallways, stairwells and bathrooms, 360° angle of coverage, infinitely variable electronic reach setting from 3 - 8 m, selectable time and twilight threshold, capability of connecting additional loads (e.g. extractor fan).