Makita DJV181Z Body Grip Brushless Jigsa

48.800 kr.
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Brushless high efficiency motor
  • Tool-less blade change and LED work light
  • Maximum cut in wood 135mm
  • Variable trigger, 3-stage pendulum action
  • Tilting base plate for bevel cuts
  • Li-Ion technology to give high power and performance
  • Makita 'star' technology compatibility
  • Part of Makita 18V Li-Ion family

Makita DHS680Z Brushless

47.850 kr.
  • Advanced brushless motor, high performance and improved technology
  • Automatic Speed Control changes cutting speed according to the load
  • Strong magnesium alloy castings base, blade case and safety cover
  • Blade tilts up to 50°, maximum depth of cut 57mm at 90°
  • Twin LED job lights and a blower ensure a clear view of cutting line
  • Electric brake, soft start and an ergonomic comfort grip
  • Handy built-in hook allows you hang the saw when not in use

Makita DJR186Z Cordless Sabre Saw 18V

31.825 kr.
  • Multi-purpose, multi-cutting saw for wood, metal, plastic etc
  • Tool-less blade change, simple locking mechanism
  • Variable speed trigger switch with lock-off lever
  • Maximum cut in wood of 255mm with 2,900 strokes per minute
  • Ergonomically designed handle for safe and comfortable grip
  • High efficiency crank mechanism
  • Body only supplied without battery or charger

Makita DSS501Z 18v

30.046 kr.
  • ompact 18V Li-Ion saw
  • Very well positioned rear and front handles
  • 51mm cut at 90°, 35mm at 45°
  • Fitted with work light
  • Makita 'star' technology compatibility
  • Part of Makita 18V Li-Ion family
  • Supplied as body only

Makita DJR185Z Compact Sabre Saw 18V

24.200 kr.
  • Multi-cutting saw for wood, metal, plastic and similar
  • The blade clamp will take either standard sabre saw or jigsaw blades
  • Compact with a dual variable speed switch
  • Control switch from the handle or paddle switch on the body
  • Adjustable front guide shoe, LED job light
  • Part of the Makita 18V Li-Ion family and supplied as body only
  • Suitable for both 3.0Ah and 4.0Ah batteries.