Skrúfplattti í Patrónukjaft: C

7.860 kr.
Axminster skrúfplatti í patrónukjaft C - Ryðfrítt stál. Sjá nánar neðar.

Skrúfplattti í partónukjaft C-80

7.650 kr.

Key Features

  • Ditrect fit into the SK80 Type C Jaws
  • Mount a bowl blank without removing chuck
  • Method ensures concentricity when turning bowls
  • Stepped mounting plate ensures a secure grip
  • Stainless steel, deep thread screw

Patrónu geimslukubbur

6.490 kr.
  • Keep your chuck safe, secure and convenient when not in use
  • Thread protection and storage in one unit
  • Secure bench mount for static detail work off the lathe