Helle DidiGalgalu hnífur

56.340 kr.

Designed in collaboration with the Voetspore team of South Africa. A knife designed to withstand the hardships of transcontinental journeys of Africa.

Named after the Didi Galgalu Desert in Northern Kenya, seen by many as the last frontier of Africa. The Didi Galgalu utilizes a full tang construction. Three rivets reinforce the African Kiaat wood handle. The blade is thin enough to preform as a knife should when cutting or carving. Finished of by the Scandinavian ground blade and genuine leather. Truly the best of two worlds. 


43.130 kr.

Mândra knife designed and field tested with Les Stroud, a.k.a “Survivorman”.

We are very proud to present the Mândra, developed by Helle and Les Stroud – “Survivorman”.

In order to perfect the design of this newest Helle knife, we travelled to the raw, remote and overwhelmingly beautiful country of Romania working alongside Les Stroud on his latest Survivorman episodes.

Helle Hnífur: Helle GT

39.970 kr.
Frá Helle í Noregi - Vandaður hnífur úr 3 laga rústfríu stáli - Kemur í leðurslíðri - Blaðlengd: 123mm - Blaðþykkt: 3,2mm - Þyngd: 150gr - Skepti: Birki.

Helle UTVÆR hnífur

39.500 kr.

Named for the westernmost group of islands where Norway meets the North Sea.

The Utvær featurs a strong, full tang construction, ample curly birch handle and 4-inch blade of Sandvik 12C27 steel. The drop point Scandinavian ground blade, leather sheath, and curly birch wood handle characterize Helle’s renowned strength, functionality and beauty.

Helle Hnífur: Lappland

38.900 kr.
Frá Helle í Noregi - Vandaður hnífur úr Sandvik 12C27 rústfríu stáli - Kemur í leðurslíðri - Blaðlengd: 214mm - Blaðþykkt: 3,0mm - Þyngd: 305gr - Skepti: Birki - Margnota útivistarhnífur í anda Sami fólksins - Líkist lítilli sveðju.

Helle Temagami CA HNÍFUR

38.500 kr.

A wilderness knife

The semi-full tang provides the extra strength associated with bushcraft knives. The triple laminated carbon steel tang is exposed on the top and pommel end, but is covered by the wood of the handle on the finger side. This protects the fingers from direct contact with the steel in cold weather. The blade is made of triple laminated carbon steel that provides excellent edge holding toughness and ease for sharpening. The handle has a bit of a finger guard to help keep your hand off the edge when slippery. The handle shape on the updated version of the Temagami CA allows a better control of the knife when holding in more positions. The Temagami CA comes with a Scandinavian style pouch sheath retains the knife securely without the need for snaps or straps.

Helle Hnífur: Temagami CA

38.500 kr.
Frá Helle í Noregi - Vandaður útivistarhnífur úr 3 laga karbon stáli - Kemur í leðurslíðri - Blaðlengd: 110mm - Blaðþykkt: 3,0mm - Þyngd: 155gr - Skepti: Birki.

Helle Jegermester HNÍFUR

33.560 kr.

The Jegermester is intended for the butchering of big game.

The blade is thin made of 12C27 steel a steel that offers excellent edgeholding and sharpness. The knife comes with a pouch sheath. The handle is substantial with an attractive brass guard.

Helle Harding HNÍFUR

29.750 kr.

The Harding is a traditional barrel handle hunting knife.

The beautiful, warm handle is made from curly birch and darkened oak separated by layers of leather. It has a full length tang. The blade is made of razor sharp triple laminated stainless steel. It comes with an embossed leather sheath with a handle butt retainer. A knife you will treasure

Helle Sigmund HNÍFUR

29.750 kr.

The Sigmund anniversary knife is a little bit more than the ordinary and it has quite a story to tell.

Designed by two generations of Helle men. Knife-blade designed by Sigmund Helle in the beginning of the 1930’s and its handle by his son Torodd in 2012. Representing 80 years of tradition. The Sigmund knife is a classic all-purpose knife. Its beautiful handle made out of stacked pieces of wood mixed with leather spacers gives the knife personality and the triple laminated stainless steel blade will offer extraordinary sharpness. The Sigmund knifes comes with a genuine leather sheath out of the ordinary.

Helle Alden HNÍFUR

29.650 kr.

The Alden is named after the island Alden. Alden is still an important landmark for Fishermen coming home from the sea. The island is situated just of the coast from where the Helle factory is situated.

The Alden has a non-laminated stainless steel blade (12C27) and curly birch handle with stainless steel fittings towards the blade. It has a small and useful finger guard to fit in a pouch style sheath.

Helle Hnífur: Fjellkniven

28.900 kr.
Frá Helle í Noregi - Vandaður hnífur úr 3 laga rústfríu stáli - Kemur í leðurslíðri - Blaðlengd: 100mm - Blaðþykkt: 3,1mm - Þyngd: 112gr - Skepti: Birki.