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Hefill/afréttari AT310SPT SPIRAL

874.500 kr.
  • Trade rated planer thicknesser substantially constructed from cast iron and welded steel
  • Spiral block with shear cutting action gives a very clean finish to the work
  • Uses 15mm solid Tungsten Carbide four edged spur cutters
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Hefill/afréttari AT260SPT SPIRAL

684.954 kr.
  • Trade rated planer thicknesser substantially constructed from cast iron and welded steel
  • Cast iron tables and tilting alloy fence offer exceptional accuracy and stability
  • Spiral cutter block gives a very clean finish to the work combined with long cutter life
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Borðsög AP254SB Professional

490.487 kr.
  • Large capacity, super strong, built for daily use
  • 2.5kW 1ph quiet and powerful induction motor
  • Includes rear take off table and cast iron R/H extension
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Axminster Bandsög: Trade BS11

398.900 kr.

Axminster gæða bandsög - 750W mótor (1hp)  - Mikið tork og langt beltalíf 

Ótrúlega vel byggð og stöðug vél enda 60 kg.  þó nett sé

Fínstillingar á löndum og stýringum gera námvæma smíði skemmtilegri.

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Tifsög axminster EX21 Trade

256.400 kr.
  • Arm tilts 35° left and 45° right, tilting the blade, not the table,
  • 50mm cutting thickness capacity, 535mm throat capacity
  • Large 345 mm x 597 mm epoxy painted table surface
  • Now fitted with the PEGAS blade clamps for lower vibration
  • Easy access variable speed and blade tension controls
  • Organized blade storage on base
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Tifsög Axminster Trade: EX-16

245.970 kr.
Axminster Trade tifsög - Armur hallast 35° vinstri og 45° hægri þannig að blaðið hallast en ekki borðið - Hálsinn tekur 405mm - Sagar mest 50mm þykkt. Sjá nánar neðar.
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Axminster Craft AC2606B Bandsaw

239.870 kr.
  • Our largest Craft bandsaw for the woodturner or serious home woodworker
  • Substantially made from steel and cast iron construction
  • Widely spaced table support trunnions, very smooth tilt action
  • Rigid, welded body construction allows high blade tension for increased accuracy
  • Upper and lower ceramic side and thrust blade guides, long life and better blade control
  • Large, rigid, quick locking rip fence, doors fitted with safety switches
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Rennibekkur Axminster Craft AC355WL

229.400 kr.
  • Heavy duty cast iron bed ensures minimal vibration
  • FREE 3-hour woodturning session in-store with any Craft lathe
  • Cast iron headstock and tailstock
  • Quick release levers for easy positioning
  • Powerful 750W DC motor, quiet and smooth operation
  • Variable speed with spindle speeds from 250-3,550rpm
  • Hollow tailstock (9mm bore)
  • Tailstock barrel has 70mm of movement
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Axminster Craft AC216TS 216mm Table Saw

195.890 kr.
Nettasta sögin í skúrinn eða vinnustofuna
  • 1,100W 230V 1ph induction motor, quiet and smooth running
  • Cast iron table with a ground surface plus full length rip fence
  • Twin 19mm x 10mm T-slot mitre fence grooves, accepts many popular accessories
  • Kemur án fóta/skáps en hægt að bæta við (nr. 104931)
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Borðsög AW216TS

195.800 kr.
  • Cast iron table with a ground surface plus full length rip fence
  • Smooth control for blade tilt and depth of cut (max 65mm)
  • Supplied with R/H extension and rear support tables
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Bandsög MCB115SHD

179.155 kr.
  • All cast iron frame and bed
  • Quick release head swivels from -45° to +60°
  • Hydraulic downfeed control with infinitely variable adjustment
  • 3 speed belt drive to allow the machine to cope with a wide variety of materials
  • Adjustable length stop
  • Automatic downfeed stop
  • All ball bearing blade guides
  • Ideal for the smaller fabrication jobs, especially those which require materials accurately cut at various angles
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Rykhreinsir AT25AFS Air Filter

133.990 kr.
  • Powerful air filter system for workshops up to 300m³
  • Collects dusts "hanging" in the air, improving air quality
  • Twin filters, electrostatic outer filter, pleated deep inner filter
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