Micro miller FF500/BL-CNC

1.630.000 kr.
  • With brushless direct drive: Quiet and vibration-free with high precision (accuracy 0.05mm).
  • Variable speed pre-selection from 200 - 4,000rpm with digit speed display.
  • With double roller bearing recirculating ball spindles at all 3 axes and 3 powerful step motors for driving compound table and milling head.
  • Large travel distances: X-axis: approx. 290mm, Y-axis: approx. 100mm, Z-axis: approx. 200mm. 
  • Stable column with dovetail slideway.
  • Including user-friendly software. Runs under WINDOWS® (see description below).

Thanks to CNC control of 3 tool axes machining of steel and non-ferrous metals is possible in all dimensions. This also applies to larger work pieces!