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64.850 kr.
  • Accessories for cutting and clamping on an MFT style bench or worktop
  • 4 x UJK Cam Clamps
  • 4 x UJK Wedges


59.500 kr.
  • Build a portable workstation, replacement MFT (multifunction table) top or multiple cutting boards
  • Make a simple configuration in thirty minutes or less
  • Produces a precise pattern of 20mm holes and guarantees perfect 45° and 90° cuts, every time

UJK vinnuborð multifunction

58.330 kr.
  • Accurately fit hinges in wooden doors and door frames
  • Removes the need to mark out
  • Set-up is quick and simple, speeds up fitting doors

Pocket Hole Kit: UJK

53.850 kr.
era sterk falda liði, framleitt hratt og auðveldlega. Húsgagnagerð, eldhússkápar, sterka ramma og skrokka. Hægt að setja upp á borði eða færanlegt. Hægt að nota á margvísleg efni með þykkt 12-36mm.

Gataplata UJK 1102x718mm

48.980 kr.
  • Cut or rout perfect 90°, 60° and 30° angles
  • Unique grid of 20mm dog holes in a hexagonal pattern
  • CNC machined, guaranteed positional accuracy

UJK Technology Parf Guide System

45.632 kr.
  • Create portable cutting boards in less than 30 minutes
  • Guarantees perfect 45° and 90° cuts, every time
  • Based on the Pythagoras theorem for infallible accuracy

Fræsiland á fræsiborð Profess.

45.268 kr.
  • Fence to fit UJK compact router tables
  • Adjustable in-feed and out-feed fences
  • T-slot for accessories at the top and front of the fence

UJK parf system land 1m

38.750 kr.
  • Precision machined, 1,000mm long anodised aluminium fence
  • Fully compatible benches made with UJK Parf Guide system & MFT benches
  • Supplied with 2 x 25mm long dogs, locking knobs & adjustable stop

Parf system taska m.foam

33.600 kr.
  • Keeps UJK Parf Guide System safe and organised
  • Stores all parts except the Parf Sticks
  • T-LOC case for top protection and easy transport

UJK T-TRACK and stop kit

29.600 kr.
  • Turns a mitre saw into a precision cutting system
  • Repeatable cuts to an exact length time after time
  • For use with mitre saw, radial arm saw or a drill press

Gataplata UJK f.T-loc kassa

17.950 kr.

m. T-braut 395mm x width 295mm.

  • Turn your T-LOC Sys2 case into a mobile, mini-workstation
  • Indispensable when working on site or domestic situations
  • Takes bench dogs, UJK Cam Clamps, UJK hold downs and more


13.980 kr.
  • Rigid extruded aluminium profile guides the power tool
  • Guarantees a straight cut when sawing or routing
  • A purpose-made, obstruction-free solution